About Us

We are here for you

Zaparas Lawyers are personal injury experts in WorkCover, TAC, Public Liability, Superannuation and Occupational Disease claims. We believe in a society where all individuals have appropriate redress when they suffer an injury.

All people should feel comfortable and confident when engaging legal representation, and through intensive application of the law and a service based on accessibility, caring and transparency, we aim to ensure that this is the case.

By providing the best advice, we will achieve the best results, doing everything possible to maximise fair and just compensation for our clients.

We take time to ascertain and understand the emotional and financial circumstances of each individual we represent, and proceed in a manner that is attentive, respectful and considerate of their wellbeing.

We will continue to champion the rights of injured individuals and remain firm in our goal to be the best and most respected in our field.

If legal proficiency combined with human empathy is what you need, speak to Zaparas Lawyers. We care about the things that matter.

Risk Free

At Zaparas, we feel your patient has already paid a high enough price just by being injured, so we’ll happily cover our costs if we don’t win their case. When we do win, your patient will get to keep more of the money they’ve been awarded because, unlike a lot of other law firms, we cap our fees.

We’ve seen how traumatic and life changing an injury can be, so we understand how important it is that your patients' don’t have to worry about the financial side of their claim. It’s why we’ve based our business on the foundation of ‘No Win, No Charge’ and have even extended this policy to cover other expenses like medical reports, court and barrister fees.

We do this because we believe that everyone should have access to the best legal representation and client care, not just those who can afford it.